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We are all wondering what's going to happen with the Yahoo Group archive.

Since nobody knows where the masses will (re)assemble after the group gets shut down, I'm listing potential options that have been talked about:

Potential Archives of the Yahoo Group content:

What is this site for?

I've recently discovered the existence of Papercrete as well as a very active community in which there are many extremely knowledgeable members. However, I haven't found any central information repository that newbies like myself can consult when trying to find out more about this versatile and promising product.

Sometimes one is a bit hesitant to ask the most basic questions so as not to bug the veterans too much. However, those questions are the most important ones that will turn a casual observer or person with interest into a true Papercrete believer. This site is supposed to help newbies over that first hump of knowledge acquisition.

I don't want to be the 'owner' of this wiki for long since the majority of information will — hopefully — be provided by some of the Papercrete veterans. My goal is simply to provide this resource as a means to centralize knowledge about Papercrete in order to propagate the message.

What this site is not for!

This site should not be a discussion forum as I don't want to compete with the excellent Papercreters' Yahoo! Forum.

This site is also not a place to advertise a business or solicit customers.

What can *I* do now?

Please go and familiarize yourself with the site and the content on here. If you see some information that you would like to expand upon or correct or even newly add, go ahead and edit to your heart's content. On the right side of this page you will find some links that explain in great detail how pages can be edited and added.

If you have the access password you can sign on to this site right here:

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it is worth it and is free

PS: When I first put this site together I grabbed an image from somewhere to put at the top-right. I forgot where I took it so I can't ask the owner for permission… If anybody knows who that image belongs to can you let me know please, so I can ask for permission to use it here? Or, better, if somebody has a good picture that I could use could you also let me know? Thanks!!

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